Are you a blogger?

So as some of my readers know, I’ve been in an on and off relationship with my blog. I’ve been devoted to it, broken up with it, been recognized by Allure magazine for it, and ultimately went on longest hiatus to date. Upon turning 30 soon (eek!), I realized that I missed it. What I have chosen to break up with is the way I treated it and reconcile with my love for encouraging others. A few years ago, when my goal to was inspire other girls to paint themselves in confidence with makeup, and wear clothing that was affordable and stylish, I was struggling with so many more of my own issues. While I was preaching to ‘love yourself’ and ‘know your worth’, I battled being outrageously hypercritical of my posts. Each video, photo, post, and follow/subscriber count begin to dictate my self-perception. Don’t get me wrong, I know many are harsh on themselves, especially those who are very ‘Type A’ like myself, but these dragons became even more difficult to combat while literally dying inside a job/career that I could not flourish in.

Fast-forwarding to today, I am now stepping into the most positive space I’ve ever been in. I vow to myself, my readers and fellow style devotees to press on, even when we don’t feel like it. I’ve left the job that crushed my spirit, pursued a new career in healthcare and have obtained the most functional relationship with food and the gym that I’ve ever had. If you didn’t know, I’ve been on a diet since the 3rd grade, been a wide array of sizes and have used food/lack of food as a coping mechanism. I’m leaving all of the insecurities that stopped me from blogging in the past, and promising myself to never let those false ideals to determine my gratitude, love and appreciation for how fabulous life truly is.

In this new chapter, as I ditch the negativity, I plan on travelling with my husband, going with the flow, bouncing back from bad days better and laughing harder than ever before. Cheers to best of times, cheers to 30.

H&M Suede Shoulder Bag • H&M • $59.99

FOREVER 21 Tie-Waist Oversized Shirt • Forever 21 • $22.90

LOVE 21 Contemporary Embroidered Jeans • LOVE21 • $22.90

Silk Lace & Python-Print Scarf • Roberto Cavalli • $35.97

70mm Infinity Leather Mules • Steve Madden • $85

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