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Shiseido Facial Cotton 

Cotton pads? Really? Like that’s an article worth reading? Honestly, these are not your ordinary cotton pads. In fact, I can’t really even comfortably refer to them as cotton pads, because they are truly in a league of their own. I am talking about the Shiseido Facial Cotton squares that are made of the most luxuriously spun cotton fibers that gently remove eye makeup.

So, how I stumbled upon these is actually by pure annoyance. I was so tired of running through my facial toners, and having sore skin around my eyes from removing eye makeup. It was difficult for me to effectively remove my eye makeup without applying more pressure.

But why, if I was already using something to help me not have raccoon eyes, was I still struggling to not actually look like a hungover raccoon? It’s because traditional cotton balls are actually straight up terrible.

First off, they aren’t soft. Although they look like tiny, precious clouds, they’re quite rough. They soak up so much product, and only when are completely soaked with my $34 Ole Henriksen Oil Control Facial Toner, do they become remotely comfortable on the skin.

Now imagine going to get a manicure, and your nail tech using a cotton ball to remove your gel polish. See those little fibers left behind, that seem like they could potentially whether WWIII? Imagine how many little fibers are left behind on your skin after a few quick swipes around the eyes. Also, many cotton balls are bleached, which can totally irritate sensitive skin. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, but if you are acne prone, this is something to be weary of.

And if this doesn’t stress you out enough and cause premature wrinkles, using jumbo drugstore cotton balls, organic or not, will. The tugging, pulling, and stretching of the super delicate tissue around the eye should avoided as much as possible. These motions completely break down the collagen and elastin the skin. Not cool.

So why I am completely obsessed with the Shiseido Facial Cotton is because it’s composed of completely natural cotton fibers, that are consistently soft and smooth in texture. It’s the most ideal way for me to apply liquid toners, eye makeup removers, removing liquid lipsticks that will not budge, and even moisturize the oh-so-delicate under eye area we have to protect.

For $10, you can save you skin and honestly, save yourself some Botox by being proactive. You get double the use because these pillowy sheets of perfection actually split apart, just don’t cross-contaminate.

Well-rounded skincare routine doesn’t just include products that you apply, it’s also about the tools you have in place to maximize the effects of all those amazing products. Also, the size of the pad is pretty substantial, covering a lot of facial real estate. And although I am ‘all Amazon everything’, I would buy my exclusively from Sephora to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

OLE HENRIKSEN Ole Henriksen Balance It All Essentials Set • Ole Henriksen • $34

Shiseido – Facial Cotton • Shiseido • $5–10

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