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Bad breath is probably the most non-glamorous thing I will discuss on this blog. It’s honestly just not chic or fun to discuss all the bacteria building their own little eco system on the same thing you swish rose on. But this post is an evil necessary, for both lifestyle and beauty lovers. It’s just not the best look to have an amazing lip combo, accompanied by bad oral hygiene. It’s also just flat out unhealthy. The one thing that’s missing in your beauty routine right now (if you’re not already doing this) is a tongue scraper. A stainless steel one to be specific.

Using a tongue scraper before and after you brush your teeth is the bad breath remedy you didn’t know you needed.

Tongue scraping has been around for centuries and dates back to ancient Indian Holistic (Ayurvedic) practices. Ayurveda literally translates to “medicine”. It is based on the principles that the balance between mind, body, and spirit is key for ideal, optimal health. According to Ayurvedic practices, the thick layer of white or yellow film that builds up on the tongue overnight is called “Ama” and considered to be toxic residue.

This toxic residue, whether you are super into Ayurveda or not, really does hold a ton of bacteria. The layer that masks the tongue can actually impact your immune system negatively if you don’t remove it prior to ingesting anything in the morning (including that first sip of coffee). It can also retain food and debris that we may have missed when brushing before bed as well. If you don’t carefully maintain proper tongue health, you could experience gum recession as well. Scraping the tongue is also key for eliminating bad breath and aerates the tastes buds. When the taste buds are aerated properly, you taste food on a more satiating level and tend not to overeat.

Here are a few quick tips for tongue scraping:

-Use that that is stainless steel/made of unalloyed metals. Plastic ones are often made with harmful chemicals and don’t work as efficiently.

-Make sure that the arms of the tongue scraper are flexible/non-gagging to reach the entire length of tongue.

-Use a few firm strokes before and after brushing to ensure that no residue is left behind.

-Keep a separate toothbrush to clean off the tongue scraper and avoid buildup.

Tongue Scraper I Use:

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