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I often talk about makeup, products and application techniques. Although I try to my best to break things down in a clear and concise fashion, I know sometimes it can fly right over your head. It often sounds like I am casting some type of magical spell or speaking a foreign language! I find that this happens most when I’m describing make up brushes, because unlike lipsticks or even foundation names/shades, brushes are often named using a number/letter combo which sounds more like code. Brushes can also come with their own type of angst because it’s hard to figure out what all they can be used for and oh, the cost! Honestly, brushes can add up and your wallet can take a serious hit. Brands like MAC, Smith Cosmetics and Hakuhodo aren’t cheap, but their quality speaks volumes. Having the right makeup brushes is everything when it comes to makeup application. Brush hairs can be natural, synthetic, or duo fibered. The ‘ferrule’, or metal part that holds the hair fibers in, and the handle are also what determines if the brush is worth the price point. So, in efforts to equip you with the right tools to really kill your makeup look, I found some Sigma makeup brush dupes that mirror MAC brushes. The price is slightly less, but the reason I sorted through Sigma brushes, rather than Morphe or even e.l.f. brushes is simply because I feel that the quality isn’t lost in the lower price. It’s not easy to find a brush that can deliver a great blend and not cost as much as $42 *ahem MAC foundation brush ahem*. Sigma brushes are also super innovative when it comes to design. I feel like they actually make brushes that anyone from a beginner in makeup to an expert could use. So here’s a little brush guide that helps you find the Sigma dupe for popular MAC makeup brushes! I also found all of these brushes on Amazon, because let’s face it, Amazon prime has got us wrapped around her free two day shipping finger and we can’t wait to get our glam on.

mac makeup brush dupes sigma brushes

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