Best Makeup Brush Cleaners

best brush cleaners to clean makeup brushes

With the panic surrounding COVID-19 and everyone washing their hands frequently, I wanted to draw some attention to the often ignored makeup brushes sitting on our counter. Makeup brushes are a hotbed of bacteria, with caked in product that needs to be cleaned regularly. The most ideal method of cleansing is with shampoo and warm water. This method can be time consuming and requires and overnight dry time. There are shorter ways to get our brushes clean, which helps keep our complexions clear of acne and infections. Plus, with all of the time spent indoors, it gives us something to do! Here are my 4 favorite ways to clean makeup brushes:


  1. JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser (click here to shop): This formula can be a bit on the greasy side, which makes this the most ideal for lip products that are highly pigmented. It also works wonders on eyeliner brushes, or soft fibered bristles that can be difficult to clean at times. The scent is refreshing and Ulta has the smaller, travel sized portions with a pump.
  2. Cinema Secrets Pro Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to shop) : Cinema secrets is in a tie for being my favorite. It cleans the brush hair rapidly, doesn’t leave behind a residue, and have a cinnamon scent. This is the best for foundation brushes, because it doesn’t leave behind a film that can be transferred to your complexion. It can be a little dry, so make sure you reshape the brush fibers while they are still wet.
  3. MAC Brush Cleanser (click here to shop): If I had a pick a #1 choice, it would be this one. The brush cleanser only requires a little bit of product, and it gets to work quickly. It suds up, almost like a soap, and leaves the brush fibers clean and conditioned. It dries quickly, but not as quickly as the Cinema secrets. I do feel that it doesn’t dry out the fibers as much, which makes this my top pick.
  4. Sephora Collection Color Switch Brush Cleaner (click here to shop): So this isn’t exactly a cleaner, but I do find this ‘color switch’ super useful. This is basically a highly textured sponge that you run your brush over to remove product. I think this is super helpful when you’re traveling because it cuts down on the number of brushes you have to pack. The sponge itself can be cleansed with brush cleaner or soap and water.

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