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Making makeup simple is truly a passion of mine. I feel like it’s become so complicated over the years, so I wanted to put together a list of six key, vital steps that will make applying eyeshadow so much easier for you.

Step 1) Use a light colored concealer and sheer that out over your eyelid. Concealers are incredible eyeshadow bases because they grab onto the product and they hold them in place all day. Here, I’m also using a matte formula of concealer so that it can block any oil or sweat breakthrough that may cause creasing. Also, you can see that I went significantly lighter than my skin tone for this step in my make up routine. That’s because the lighter concealer helps each color of eyeshadow pop and contrast against my skin. If you watch until the end, you will see that you actually can’t tell that I went this light in the first step, but it all comes together.

Step 2) Take a pointed brush and pack your crease. What I mean by this is to really grab a decent amount of eyeshadow and push it into the crease, and just trust me on this part. I know it doesn’t look blended and it looks harsh, but we will blend it out later and it will come together.

Step 3) Now with a fluffy brush that has a dome shaped tip, use this to blend out that harsh line and use light pressure so that you don’t wash away too much of that color. When you do this, you maintain the crease color saturation while still being soft and blended.

Step 4) Use a small flat brush with densely packed bristles so that you can grab a decent amount of shimmery shadow and then press and wipe it onto the lid. When you use a pressing and wiping motion you get the maximum shimmer from a formula like this, versus when you use a fluffy brush, which might just whisk the product around without actually sticking to our concealer base. This also minimizes the amount of eyeshadow fallout you make experience from a shimmer eyeshadow.

Step 5) One of my favorite ways to add just a touch of drama to the outer corner, while also building depth and dimension, is to take a pointed fluffy brush and dip into a dark brown or even black eyeshadow and draw a tiny ‘V’ on the outer edge. The shape is complementary to my natural eye shape and it adds just a touch of darkness without turning the entire eye into a smoky eye.

Step 6) The final step, and one that I that I think is so important, is to take that fluffy brush that we used to soften up our crease and go back over the crease one more time. This creates cohesion and fluidity within our makeup look while softening up the edges of where each color starts and stops so it just looks like a subtle shimmery soft make up look.

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