One Pro Makeup Hack to elevate your eye look now

One of my favorite secret makeup hacks is to add a little blush into the crease of my eyeshadow look. This pulls in the entire look, it adds some warmth to the outer edge of the face and it really lifts your features. It’s also a really good hack to save on product because instead of investing in eyeshadow palettes that have a lot of colors that you may not use, you could take the same thing that you’re using on your cheek and pop it onto your crease. The blush I’m using is ‘Bubble’ Super Blush by Persona Cosmetics. Let me know what you think!

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Best Nude Lip Pencils From MAC

Nude lipstick and liner is something I write about often because I completely understand the struggle that goes into finding the right shade for tan, olive, golden and deep skin tones. I am naturally biased towards MAC lip pencils because I truly feel that they are not only an industry leader with color range, but product quality as well. MAC lip pencils are long wearing and simple to sharpen (i.e. no plastic coating that gets jammed in a sharpener). My rule of thumb is to apply lipstick first (yes I know, it’s opposite of what others may suggest), and then to go in and apply your first lip pencil. This method has always worked for me because it allows me to grasp how much I want to overdraw the lip, kind of like an outline. Lastly, I ALWAYS go in and add ‘Cork’ by MAC to help transition the nude shade into the rest of my makeup. Even some of the best nude lipstick shades can have a grey tone to them, making me look a little lifeless. The understated warmth from the MAC ‘Cork’ pencil is the best for anyone with tan/warm/deep undertones. I linked a few others that could work well for other nude shades. Along with the best MAC liners, I also linked the Make Up Forever liner which is super versatile. It can be used as a lip pencil, brow pencil or eye pencil. Lastly, I linked a lipstick set from ABH and a lip mask from Laniege that I wear at night. I want to wear it for a few more days before I tell you guys if it’s actually worth it but in the mean time, I have been exfoliating my lips with a soft toothbrush, and then slathering the lip mask on before bed.

nude lipstick and liner for brown skin


1. Make Up For Ever MAKE UP FOR EVER – Artist Color Pencil: Eye, Lip & Brow Pencil in ‘Limitless Brown’:
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Nude Matte Lipstick Set:
3. Mac Lip Pencils:
5. Laneige LANEIGE – Lip Sleeping Mask:


How To Make Your EYES Look Bigger With Makeup

How To Make Your EYES Look Bigger With Makeup


e y e l i n e r :

Making your eye makeup pop in photos can be difficult. Recently, when I asked my friends on Instagram what the most difficult part of their routine was, I got a ton of answers. The one ‘concern’ or difficulty that stood out to me the most was someone said that no matter how much they contoured or added more product, in photos, it didn’t translate. Honestly, I hear this a lot. Our instinct is to add more, but my approach is to actually broaden the dimensions of your eyes with smudged liner, rather than adding more foundation. On my Instagram stories, I did an entire tutorial showing how you can add depth to your look by changing your eye makeup technique. The key takeaway from this tutorial is that I went with a brown, shimmery eyeliner rather than jet black. Instead of having fine liquid lines that enhance the lash line, I find that a pencil is ideal for smudging upwards to give the eye more dimension. Trying out new eye makeup techniques can be intimidating, but with the right brushes, the look is totally achievable. Real Techniques is an affordable brush company that was started by (my all time favorite) YouTube makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman. Being ex MAC artists turned freelance artists (like myself), they truly understand what brushes are missing from the market. The brushes you need to really execute this look are the Real Techniques Insta Pop Eye Dup. These two brushes are key for not only applying the product, but actually gradually blending out the edges while preserving the crease and lid colors. If you’re not following me on Instagram, you definitely should. I promise it’s more than just selfies and photos of my food (which I do post from time to time). I create a place for you to learn, ask questions and overall just enjoy makeup.

how to make eyes look bigger