What You Need From Amazon

summer makeup and fashion must haves

You guys know the amazon obsession is absolutely real. Amazon is such an incredible site for streamlining your life if you are on the go, a little last minute, or just really don’t love shopping in person. As their selection for clothing and accessories is only getting better, I really wanted to take some time to highlight some of the fabulous pieces they have right now. Here in Dallas, where the sun is absolutely unforgiving, I try to find a happy medium between looking like I just left the pool and being season appropriate. The items I got this week have totally been great Summer staples, and I know you guys will love them to.

FLOYU Button Down Romper Women Solid Color Short Sleeve Casual Summer Short Jumpsuit with Pockets: This linen romper was a tricky one for me at first. I loved the fabric, simplicity and color, but once I tried it on, I wasn’t so sure. I wore it anyway, because I firmly believe that if you act like you can pull something off, you typically do. And guess what? I got a ton of compliments at an influencer event I went to. The event was at Sunglass Hut Northpark and they had makeup artists from Glamsquad doing touch ups, cute refreshments and all access to the seasons newest styles. It was such a fun event and I started to feel like I looked a little less ‘Prince George’ as time went on. I also noticed that it didn’t wrinkle as quickly as my other linen items, which was as total plus.

STHUAHE 3PCS Hair Bands,Women Handmade Lovely Style Cloth Cross Knot Hair Hoop Hairband Headband Headwear Hair Accessories by Beauty Hair (multicolor): When it doubt, just ask yourself, ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’. Just kidding, because although she was a style arbiter, we all know she was a total bully. But one thing we cannot take away from her character was the ability to inject headbands into a ton of her looks. Right now, headbands are all the rage, but truly, I never stopped loving them. They are such a great way to pull hair away from the face, add a touch of volume to the crown, hide dirty hair and the list goes on. I wore the yellow striped headband to a concert last night and did I mention that it was an outdoor concert?! It was brutal, but fashion over function for me and I did not want to put my hair up. So this headband was a great compromise and kept me (semi) cool. It comes in a three pack and there are a ton of cute designer dupes on Amazon too. I just ordered these cute “Gucci-esque” ones, and they are arriving with ‘Same Day Shipping’ eeeek!

Natural Chic Hand-Woven Round Handle Ring Toto Retro Large Casual Summer Beach Handbags (Yellow Grass 15.7×12 H inches): Straw Summer totes are an essential, but I struggle to pay a ton for them, simply because they aren’t really bags. They are meant for the beach, and when I see some that go up as much as $50, I kinda die inside. I wanted to upgrade my summer bag situation from the Cult Gaia dupe everyone had, to something softer with more flexibility. I also knew that even though I am a babe on a budget, I still wanted the bag to have a refined, luxurious edge to it. So I went for a bag that was less  ‘raffia’/straw looking, which can sometimes be a little muted, and grabbed this yellow straw bag instead. I loved the shape and the inside is lined with a creamy linen fabric. It also comes to a drawstring closure so that I don’t have to worry about my stuff falling out, or being exposed like other totes. It is also incredibly lightweight which is nice. The round handles are great for tying on cute little tassels or scarves so you can get some versatility out of it as well.

Kimono Kimonos for Women Beach Cover up Floral Print Short Sleeve Loose Open Front Cotton Cardigans DusterAlthough I am considered petite, I do struggle with one main body part: my arms. I have always held a little weight in my arms and while I am actively trying to sculpt them, I find it hard to expose them outright, even though it’s 500 degrees here. These gorgeous, sheer Summer kimonos are so great for adding coverage to the arms without the weight of a long sleeve. I have to wear this piece with an elevated shoe simply because it drags on the ground when I don’t. I am 5’1 and that is typically not an issue until it’s time to wear floor length dusters. It did come with a sash but that’s not really how I wanted to wear it, but can we just talk about the color scheme here!? I am obsessed with the pattern and pops of turquoise throughout the piece. I wore this with a plain grey tank and some olive jeans and loved the way it worked with some many different colors in my outfit. This vendor has a few different styles and color ways, but this was my favorite. It’s also on prime so how can you resist?!

Levi’s Women’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans, Rugged Indigo, BlueWhen I am not living in denim shorts, I have been reaching for these Levis high rise jeans with giant gaping holes at the knee. I have lusted over these via all the tall beautiful bloggers in Insta. Not being so tall myself, I knew that I was going to have to get these hemmed or cut a raw hem myself. One thing you should know is that these jeans have very little stretch. They pull you in tight, stay in place and don’t budge. Depending on how you like your denim to fit, this could be an issue. I do find that because the holes in the knees are so large, you get a little wiggle room  (and air!). It’s hard to wear jeans when it’s so hot out, but this destroyed pair in the lighter wash is totally great for Summer.

5) AOMEI Women Spring Summer Blouses with Puff Sleeve Sashes Shirts TopsThis top, hands down, is the must universally flattering top in my wardrobe. It wraps at the waist, hides my arms (blah) and cuts off right at the waist so I don’t feel swallowed. I have it in another striped pattern, which several of my readers really loved. When I saw the gingham pattern, I knew it would be a great summer staple as well. The lightweight cotton fabric works well for this heat, and it can be worn with ripped denim shorts, or wide legged white trousers. It comes in a few other patterns, but not all of the fabrics are the same for each top. My striped one is a silk/poly blend and this gingham one is cotton. Both wrap and drape beautifully and you know I am a sucker for anything that ties into a bow.

Nighttime Essentials for The Best Beauty Sleep

anti aging night time routine for best skin

No matter how tired or totally exhausted I am, I always perform my nighttime routine. I know that everyone’s nighttime routine differs and based on your skin type, you may or may not benefit from the products that I suggest. If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, despite the products you use, is that we all have a few things we cannot live without. Some ‘non-negotiables’ if you will. For me, I often find myself picking at my skin after I’ve removed my makeup and washed my face. This habit became problematic when I noticed that this nasty habit was starting to cause scarring. So one thing that I invested in to really soften up the skin, prior to be extracting (fancy word for digging out your pores) is a facial steamer. I then lather up my eyes with almond oil, put on my ‘blue-light’ protection glasses, fill up my thermos and snuggle under my weighted blanket. I know it sounds like a lot, but in true Pameluxe fashion, I breakdown why I swear by these 5 items:

Facial Steamer: Having a facial steamer is super important for really creating that ‘at-home’ spa like experience. It’s calming, opens up the pores and really softens up the skin. When the pores are open, the face begins to sweat and releases built-up, residual makeup, and really helps purge the gunk that burrows deep within our skin. Taking time steam the face is also essential if you like to pick at your blemishes, pop your zits and really just go to town on problem areas. Yeah, I said it, because as much as we all hate to admit it, we’ve all been there. Although we should try to avoid it as much as possible, there is a right way to go about it. First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean because you don’t want to deposit more bacteria into the open pore. Secondly, steam the face because going in on skin that isn’t softened increases your chances are scarring and using unnecessary force can cause bruising. And lastly, while the pores are open, you want to cleanse and then follow up with a splash of cold water. Cold water causes the pores to shrink back up and tighten. There’s a few facial steamers on the market that can be upwards of $120, but the one that I use is from Amazon and it gets the job done just fine.  Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Hot Steam For Face Personal Sauna SPA Quality Moisturizing Pores Cleanse Clear Blackheads Acne Impurities Skin Cares Mini Home Humidifier: https://shopstyle.it/l/0YT7

Cute Water Bottle: What can I say about drinking water that hasn’t already been said? Water is vital for your organs and although we don’t always feel the immediate benefits of that, it definitely shows up in our hair and skin health. Water is super key for skin health because it helps filter out toxins, and keeps the skin vibrant and elastic. It’s super critical for cell growth aka cell turnover, which allows healthy, glowy skin to shine through. Aside from our chapped lips and dry itchy skin, dehydration can also show up in the form of dry cuticles. I notice that when I am slacking on my hydration, my cuticles are dryer and often start to peel. The way I combat this is to always to go bed with a thermos of water. It’s become my nightly ritual and honestly I can’t live without guzzling 20-30 ounces of water each night. I drink quite a bit of water during the day, but I still love to end my day this way. I personally like warm water with lemon and a little dash of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. For me, having a cute thermos is important, but not as important the functionality of it. I love the Simple Modern blush pink thermos because it’s super insulated so it retains the heat/cold and doesn’t leak. Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle + Extra Lid – Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel Powder Coated: https://shopstyle.it/l/00XS 

Weighted Blanket: Sleeping with a weighted blanket has literally ruined all other sleep situations for me! No joke, I loved snuggling in my mom’s bed and what I realized is that it wasn’t her bed that I was obsessed with, it was how heavy her comforter was. So on my quest for a ‘heavy’ bed sheet/comforter set, I found a weighted blanket on Amazon. Weighted blankets and other weighted products have been used in the medical field for things like PTSD, insomnia and *drumroll please* anxiety. I noticed that my anxiety peaks at night when I start to plan/obsesses over future events. Weighted blankets offer deep touch pressure which raise serotonin (happy hormone) and offer a calming effect. Deep touch pressure also triggers melatonin (sleep hormone) release and helps you sleep deeper, longer. Anything that helps me calm down, alleviates my anxiety and gets me better sleep is a must. The weighted blanket I use is by Amy Garden on Amazon. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket (60″x80″,15 lbs for 140-150 lbs Individual, Grey) | 2.0 Adults Heavy Blanket: https://shopstyle.it/l/000B

Blue Light Glasses: Our eyes are super sensitive to different wavelengths of light, and the one that bombards us the most is ‘blue’ light. The blue light emitted from televisions and cell phone screens actually disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm which tricks our brain into thinking it’s day time. So although most of our nighttime routines involve scrolling and swiping away on our phones, blocking your eyes from the blue light is super important at night. One thing I do have to mention is that not all blue light is bad, but if you are going to be working on a screen within 2 hours of the time you want to hit the hay, make sure you are protecting yourself by wearing the proper eyewear. The blue light glasses I have are a super affordable pair from Amazon. A few brands released some really cute styles as well, but since I only wear them at night, I didn’t want to spend a ton. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses Square Nerd Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses: https://shopstyle.it/l/003o

Almond Oil: Of all the oils on the market, my absolute favorite on has to be Almond oil. Almond oil is incredible for lightening the under eye area, which is one area of my face that I absolutely obsess over. The eye and under eye area is extremely delicate and it needs to be treated totally different from the rest of the face. One step of my nighttime skincare routine that I cannot skip is hydrating my under eyes. Each night, after I’ve cleansed, scrubbed, steamed, extracted and toned, I take a quarter size amount of almond oil and go to town on my eyes. To be honest, I apply so much that I almost look *insane* but T has just gotten used to my greasy eye region, lol. I buy my Almond Oil from Amazon but I’ve seen the brand that I swear by at Whole Foods as well. Almond oil is packed with essential fatty acids that enhance the protective barriers in our skin, and revitalize dehydrated skin which often has a darker appearance. Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil: https://shopstyle.it/l/01gY