Basic Summer Jewelry for Summer 2020

1. Edforce Stainless Steel 18K Gold Plated Lead-free Hypoallergenic Wide Large Rounded Hoop Earrings with Click-Top:
2. ACC PLANET Coin Necklace 18K Gold Plated Vintage Coin Round High Polish Pendant Jewelry:
3. King Will Glory Men’s 4mm 6mm 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring 24k Gold Plated Domed Polished Finish Wedding Band:

When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep things simple, but unique. I shop quite a bit on Amazon and I wanted to narrow down my top three jewelry pieces for this month’s recommendations. These earrings are a nice width which provides a nice pop in my dark hair. I was nervous about them being too heavy, but to my surprise, they didn’t weigh my ear lobe down. The necklace is probably my most complimented jewelry item, both on and offline. You should know that the pendant doesn’t actually spin, which at first, kind of annoyed me. But then I realized that this was a good thing, because it meant that I would not have to constantly turn it the right direction. The ring is a nice, simple alternative to my wedding ring. I can wear this without fear that I’m going to dislodge one of the diamonds in my band, because there are no embellishments. I am a total klutz so it’s important to me to have a ring that I can be careless with, while preserving my wedding ring.

4. ASOS DESIGN long sleeve square neck top in broderie with shirring:

Also! This top is on SALE and it’s my absolute favorite top right now. It’s lightweight, breathable, and super flattering. I was nervous about the shirred body because I have a short torso but I wore it to a brunch this weekend and didn’t feel self-conscious at all. 

5. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer:
6. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask:

Lastly, and no, this isn’t exactly jewelry, but you know, it went with the aesthetic. The Laneige lip mask is literally heaven in a tub. It goes on so smooth and buttery, while enveloping the lips to prolong the moisture all day and night. I wear it under my liquid lipstick and it prevents that awful, dry, cracking sensation I sometimes get when wearing matte formulas. And for concealer, I have never found a more universally flattering concealer than this one. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer literally looks good on everyone. I like that it can be worn alone, or built up for a full glam look. The shade range is great and it works well during these warmer months.

Spring + Summer Lip Products

spring summer lip products

  1. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in ‘BFF2’: click here to shop
  2. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in ‘BFF3’: click here to shop
  3. Kkw Beauty Nude Lip Liner in ‘2.5’: click here to shop
  4. Kkw Beauty Nude Lip Liner in ‘3’: click here to shop
  5. Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in ‘Twenty’: click here to shop
  6. Dose Of Colors Lip Liner in ‘Nitty Gritty’: click here to shop
  7. Nars Precision Lip Liner ‘Hyeres’: click here to shop
  8. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, Zenzero: click here to shop
  9. Mac Lip Pencil in ‘Plum’: click here to shop

best lipsticks for summer from ulta and sephora

  1. Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in ‘Twenty’: click here to shop
  2. Patrick Ta Silky Lip Creme in ‘She’s Confident’: click here to shop
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in ‘Hudson’: click here to shop
  4. Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipstick in ‘Icon’: click here to shop
  5. Morphe Mega Matte Nude Lipstick in ‘Commit’: click here to shop
  6. Morphe Matte Lipstick in ‘Tempt’: click here to shop
  7. Kkw Beauty Nude Creme Lipstick in ‘Nude 5’: click here to shop

summer makeup and fashion must haves (2)

  1. Nyx Butter Gloss in ‘Fortune Cookie’: click here to shop
  2. Hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Gloss in ‘Truth’: click here to shop

Summer Makeup + Fashion Must Haves

Summer Makeup + Fashion Must Haves

summer makeup and fashion must haves

Jeans: DL1961 Bella Vintage Crop: (similar pair

Top: Prologue Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck Essential Popover Blouse – PrologueTM Black

Headband: H&M Leopard Headband with Knot

Getting glam for the Summer is a little more difficult than it sounds, simply because it gets to be about 200 degrees here in Texas. Keeping a few items on hand which can be worn with just about anything is super important. For this wild Texas heat, I like to throw on cotton tee shirts to pair with cropped, destroyed denim, or cute little shorts. For accessories, I keep them small to avoid being overwhelmed by the bulk, and I avoid printed or logo bags so that I don’t get tired of them. Jewels are kept to a minimum because nothing is worse that having your necklaces stuck to your sweat (ew). Flatforms are my go-to, rather than wedges because of the casual elevation they offer. And makeup? It’s all about locking in what we put on. Going with waterproof mascara, setting sprays and using a quick dry towel so we don’t break a sweat while grooming is absolute must.

Forever 21 Faux Leather Bucket Handbag : This bag has been the of the best purchases I’ve made this season. It’s a neutral color, with a very real look to the ‘leather’, despite it being faux. In the past, when I’ve bought bags in this bucket shape, I found that I needed more interior space. This bag opens up like a more rectangular tote, has the right amount of gold hardware, and can be worn as a crossbody. It comes in white as well!


Forever 21 Faux Suede Espadrille Wedges: Flatforms over wedges all day. And don’t get my wrong, I love wedges. They are sexy and definitely elongate the leg. But that’s just it. I don’t always want a ‘sexy’ high heel look. I want more of a summer, beachy, casual glam. When it’s super hot out, and I want a somewhat dressed up touch, I reach for these. The are great for comfort, height and versatility.

Impact Men’s AC DC High Voltage T-Shirt: I love a good band tee shirt. 99.9% of the time, I can honestly say I’ve never even listened to the band, but I have always gravitated to this kind of look. Truly, I think it’s because I’ve always gone so heavy on the hair and makeup, so when it came to my wardrobe, I dress it down a bit. To me, it’s important that the band tee does not look sloppy, nor too tight like a baby tee. I always want a soft cotton blend, with a slightly worn look. Amazon has been quite the hub for cute tees, and this is my second one from there. This is a men’s medium, and fits loosely.

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Waterproof Mascara: Some people wear waterproof mascara all year around, but despite having horrendous allergies and watery eyes, I only really choose to wear this formula during the sweaty months of the year. I have already been an avid wearer or the Maybelline Angel Push-Up formula because I am OBSESSED with the brush shape. This mascara wand is magical y’all. It is tiny enough to fit into the corners of the lash line, allowing you to really coat each lash and build up the product. I also love how I can nestle the wand in a zig-zag motion along the lower lash line to really open up my eyes. For Summer, I’m sticking to the same mascara and just reaching for the waterproof version.

ACC PLANET Coin Necklace 18K Gold Plated Vintage Coin Pendant Gold Necklace for Women Girls: So how I got this necklace is actually by total accident. I was browsing on Amazon and instead of clicking ‘Add to Cart’ and contemplating the potential purchase, I accidentally clicked ‘Buy Now with 1-Click Purchase’. After a minor ‘Oh baby Jesus’ moment, I decided it wasn’t a big deal and if I hated it, I could always return it. So when it finally arrived, I actually ended up liking it. It is a bit yellow-ish, but I don’t mind because it pops against my skin. The coin style is really in right now, but this is kind of the ‘faux’ version because the coin doesn’t actually spin. Also, with inexpensive necklaces, I like to make sure that the chain doesn’t look too inexpensive. Overall I’ve been super pleased and often layer this with other necklaces.

Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies: Because my eye shape is very almond, it’s hard for me to find lashes that feel comfortable and weightless. False lashes can be slightly itchy, heavy and just plain annoying, so when I find a pair that really works for me, I have to share! I like high end lashes, but find myself only really wearing them on special occasions. For random date nights, dinners, IG videos and brunches, I reach for the KISS lashes and the Ardell lashes. My  criteria for lashes are that the band has to be clear (those are the most flexible and comfortable). The lash cannot be shiny, because those look cheap and not natural. And lastly, I like pairs that have a little flair on the ends to open up my eye shape. These are inexpensive and if you are new to wearing lashes, I recommend practicing with these to get the hang of it!

Urban Decay Cosmetics Travel Size All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: I recently did a mini-breakdown of setting sprays and how they are not all created equally. With the growing popularity of sprays, i.e. plethora of IG videos, I wanted to clear up how different each type was. I broke them down into ‘blenders’ and ‘sealers’. Blenders really help melt all the superficial powder particles together, to get rid of that ‘freshly powdered’ look. ‘Sealers’ are a more matte formula that lock in your makeup, similar to hairspray. Locking in makeup during a Texas summer heat wave is going to keep you glam and minimize the touchups you have to do. The only downside to the one I’ve been using by Urban Decay is that the spray function sometimes ‘spits’. The spitting can lead to an uneven application, so my recommendation is spray it right in front of your face, rather than directly onto your face, and then walk into like you would a fragrance.

Cinema Secrets – Makeup Brush Cleaner Travel Set: Raise your hand if you could afford to wash your brushes more often. I know I struggle about being diligent with brush cleaning, simply because I have so many and I rotate them often. While we are all planning for vacations and trying to not overpack, I think it’s important to also streamline the makeup/brush situation for our luggage. Keeping a few brushes, but cleaning them so you can use them interchangeably will help minimize the load. The brush cleaner that I reach for the most is this one by Cinema Secrets. I love that it cleans the brushes quickly and dries rapidly! It allows you to multi-task with your brushes without having to buy and pack more! Plus, frequent cleanings will keep down eye infections and breakouts.

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick: I love a matte lip, but when it’s blistering hot out, the last thing I want is to slather on a dry lacquer that it going to make my lips look like day old croissants.  This Smashbox liquid lipstick formula is unlike any I’ve tried on. It is still very much a liquid lipstick so you get the longevity from the wear time, but it it super comfortable so it doesn’t totally dry down and chip off. It also moves with your lip so you don’t get that awkward line where the product abruptly stops. I first found out about this because I was freelancing and I had a client tell me that they wanted to use their own lip product. I was happy to accommodate that, and offered to apply it for them. You guys. This formula glides so beautifully onto the lip. It’s creamy enough to blend out the edges of the lip line, but does matte down so it won’t move too much. This color range is also something to acknowledge. There’s such a great assortment of brights and nudes and the one I’ve been loving is ‘Stepping Out’.

Aquis – Original Hair TURBAN, Patented Perfect Hands-Free Microfiber Hair Drying, Dark Grey (10 x 27 Inches): So we’ve all seen a version of this towel somewhere. Whether it was an infomercial or in a random bin at CVS, if you’re anything like me, you probably thought it was gimmicky. My dilemma was that when I am already super hot from this summer heat, and then I go to wash my hair, the last thing that I want to do is reheat myself by using a scorching blow dryer. Sometimes, I feel like it takes away from how fresh I feel after the shower when I start to sweat. To eliminate this icky feeing and cut down on my blow dry time, I bit the bullet and bought a quick-dry hair towel. This specific towel caught my eye because it’s not just the fabric that is absorbent, it’s the shape of the towel that really makes all the difference. It’s shaped similar to a banana so that when you flip your head over to wrap it, all your hair is in contact with the towel. Wearing this for about 15 mins while I do my skincare helps cut my blow dry time in half.



Black Summer Beauty And Fashion Buys

Black Summer Beauty And Fashion Buys
Jeans: sold out but simlar here
Shoes :
Sunnies: sold out but similar here

this week

So I know that Summer is officially here and when most people think of Summer, they don’t typically think about wearing dark colors. But it is what it is and black will always be staple in my wardrobe. I love anything leopard and rhinestone because of course, I’m from Texas, but black is definitely up there with my favorites. It’s forever timeless and will always looks slightly more expensive than most other colors. I rounded up a few of my favorite black items (or items that match the current black aesthetic) that will help you kill your glam game this Summer.

  1. Mark & Graham Build Your Bag: This bag is SUCH a steal. It was gifted to me for Christmas and it has a beautiful pebbled leather look that gives it that *expensive* appeal. The strap is interchangeable so you can wear it a few different ways AND it has a monogram option for your initials (need I say more!?). The monogram is metallic and the strap assortment comes with a cross body option that makes it a great travel option. It’s also 100% leather with a linen lining and can instantly elevate your outfit.
  2. Everfaith Leopard Cocktail Ring: This ring is a total dupe for the Cartier leopard which is uber pricey. I know that obviously having the real thing is on my bucket list, but in the mean time, I get to wear this and enjoy the over-the-top glam it adds to my outfits. I love wearing large cocktail rings on my index finger a la Rachel Zoe and keeping the rest of the jewels to a minimum. This ring fits true to size and has green cubic zirconium eyes, mimicking the authentic Cartier Panthere which retails for upwards of $23,000. I have chubby fingers and wear a size 8. Plus, as if you need anymore of an incentive to buy this, it’s available on prime.
  3. Hair Tamer Croc Styling Clips: When it comes to styling my hair, nothing is really more frustrating that trying to blow dry wet, dense hair. In order for me to properly tame my frizz and ensure that each section is getting dry, I have to use ‘Croc’ clips to divide my hair. These clips are the best for really gripping hair, whether its soaking wet from the shower, or being colored or just simply pulling it out of your face. The teeth of the clips are staggered so that no hair slips through, but it does not pull on the hair, making them great for avoiding creases.
  4. Adidas Women’s Essentials Linear Sweatshirt: Let met start off by saying that is not a true sweatshirt, I think of this more as a ‘Summer Sweater’. It’s warm enough to throw on in cold restaurants, but not totally lined with fleece like the $65 version of this sweatshirt would be. I love that it’s black and white, so you can throw it on with brightly colored shorts and make it Summery.  I ordered a medium, and I don’t mind the fit, but if you are going for a more over sized, relaxed look, definitely size up. It comes in 3 color ways, and the next one I am going to get is the dark grey with baby pink font.
  5. eBoot Spa Makeup Terry Cloth Headband: You guys know I prolong my hair washes as long as I possibly can. One of the preventative measures that I take to ensure that I can stretch this window out is to avoid getting my hairline wet when I am removing my makeup. I have a pretty extensive skincare routine and in order to ensure that I get every bit of makeup off, I have to get my cleanser and toner into the hair line without saturating my strands. This spa headband allows me to strategically cleanse my face, without soaking the perimeter of my hairline. It also goes over my ears, so when I’m splashing away, I don’t have to worry about water getting in them. I also really love wearing this while I’m doing makeup and while I’m doing my at home dermaplaning.
  6. Forever 21 Faux Leather Espadrille Wedges: I know, I know. Who shops at Forever 21 anymore? It’s super random, but I stand by the fact that they have some great pieces that look much more expensive than they really are. While searching for a black wedge, that still had a Summery vibe to them, I found these super adorable two tone espadrilles. When I ordered them online (which is the only way to shop Forever 21) I was so pleased with how ‘designer’ the looked. The leather has clean lines, with no colored stitching. And although I don’t wear wedges often, espadrilles are my exception. It’s the perfect heel for comfort and height. I also knew I wanted a pair with a black accent but not totally black, with the natural raffia color tied in. Quite honestly, I can’t believe these are less than $30 and they are extremely comfortable.
  7. Express Knotted V-Neck Elastic Waist Mini Dress: Repeat after me: I WILL BUY THIS DRESS. Holy flattering y’all. This dress was what my body needed this summer. I am self-conscious about my arms, since that’s where I hold a lot of my weight. While I am actively working on becoming more fit, I like a simple dress that helps me conceal my insecurities, and highlight the attributes I am more confident about. When I tried this one, I could not get over the fabric. It draped so beautifully and ties at the waist to pull you in. It comes in two colors, but I had to get the black. This dress would work great for a wedding, work, a date or even a night out with the girls.
  8. Rownyeon Portable Makeup Train Case: So let me start off by saying that this is far from compact, and it’s not super flexible. That being said, it is SUPER durable and it can be used for your makeup when you travel, as a freelancer or to store tech equipment. This case comes with compartments, making your getting ready process super streamlined, and they can be moved to meet your needs. The top flap has brush storage which helps keep all of your beauty items secure in one place. Behind the brush holders, there are larger pouches that can hold flat items like a mirror, a mini ring light, towels, skincare or more brushes. I first used this when I was freelancing and it helped my assistants and I stay organized and work efficiently.
  9. RCMA No-Color Powder: As you guys know, it’s tough to properly discuss makeup products in text, because visually, you gain so much more via demonstration in my videos. What I can tell you about this powder is that it really locks your foundation in without adding additional pigmentation to your skin. I like this powder particularly for Summer because during this time of year, we often swap out our full coverage foundations for might sheer-to-medium formulas. These lighter weight formulas don’t always need that opacity that heavier duty powders offer. Sometimes, we just need something that is going to seal in the superficial layer of our product, reduce shine and keep things in place. This powder isn’t really going to highlight or blur, it’s more of a finisher. It’s lightweight, non-caking and works on all skin tones.
  10. NYX Professional Makeup Faux Blacks: Adding a pop of color to the waterline is on of my favorite ways to add a little jazz to your look. As you can tell from my makeup, I’m not super obsessed with black eyeliner, especially in the waterline, because to me, it can look a little harsh with my eye shape. If I reach for an eyeliner to throw on my waterline, it’s typically dark brown. It adds the depth and dimension, without the harsh pigmentation. Not all dark brown liners are created equally, and since I don’t wear liners every single day, I really didn’t want to invest in a super expensive one. NYX liners in this specific ‘faux black’ range is great because they are rich and creamy, comfortable on the eye, and great for smudging out as an eye shadow base. They also offer a range of colors so you can choose the one that will make your eyes pop. Aside from the dark brown, I love the navy because it actually makes my eyes a little brighter. These shades are matte as well, which means you won’t get random shards of glitter in your eyes.